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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.

Make Sure they're All Outstanding.

Illustration isn't Limited to Children's Books

Illustration is a method of communication as old as humanity itself. It can help your clients understand how to use your product, why they need your services, or just draw their eyes to your company. Pictures and illustrations break language barriers and engage your customers in a way just text cannot. We can illustrate anything you are needing in either digital or traditional mediums.

Invest in illustrations that will make your organization stand out!

Types of Illustration:

  • Story-telling - Illustrations that take the viewer on a journey and bring imagination to life

  • Visualization - bring information to life with infographics, icons, graphs, and charts.

  • Branding - Many logos utilize illustration to demonstrate the focus or voice of the organization.

  • Event - Make your party, concert or festival stand out.

  • Promotional - ads, packaging, and signs that contain illustrations can draw attention from potential customers.

  • Informational - Illustrations that convey information such as how, why, where and who might use your product or service.

Illustration Process:

  • Initial Goals Meeting

    • Confirm style, goals, demographic & specs.

  • Initial Ideation Sketches

  • Idea Refinement

  • Final Sketch

  • Color Comps

  • Finalize Illustration

How Well Does Your Branding Represent You?

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